Det är något liknande så här ni borde agera, skiv- och filmbolagen. Då hade vi sluppit IPRED och ni IPREDATOR.

kommentarer från youtube:

this is why acts like monty python don’t disappear. they are smart enough to adapt to the new technology, cheers!

Well it’s not totally a case of “if it works”. It’s more a case that the video and music industry don’t have a choice. They either get stuff pirated and don’t show willing, of they get stuff pirated and DO show willing. The old business model is dead. They have to accept that they will earn less, but over all they will still do very well, because a channel like this is free advertising which saves money with expensive advertising, so over all the profits might be the same.

These guys may act like loons, but this video shows how smart they are. If they sued the people who put up the videos, then everyone would call them douches and continue watching these free videos anyway. By willingly participating on YouTube, the Monty Python members make themselves look even classier and make their fans even more inclined to buy their stuff. Sheer brilliance. Hopefully, other companies will learn from this.

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